Wrong Attitude Toward Children's Ministry #1 - Kids Are a Bother

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Kids are not a bother, but yet there are churches that view kids as a bother and there is a mentality that the kids are better seen, not heard. So get the kids as far away as you can. We don't want to hear the kids. They are a bother. These churches and these people view children's ministry as babysitting. Here's why we have children's ministry. We have children's ministry because the kids need to be somewhere outside of the service, right? The kids need to be somewhere outside of the main auditorium. The kids need to be somewhere where we can focus on singing and worship and not be distracted. 

That, my friends, is a wrong attitude, right? That is a wrong attitude. If a church has an attitude that kids are a bother, there will always be apathy toward children's ministry. Apathy. Leadership isn't going to matter. Curriculum isn't going to matter. Budget isn't going to matter. Environments aren't going to matter. Safety and security aren't going to matter, right? Training isn't going to matter. Why? Because really what's going on back there is just simply childcare. It is babysitting. You know, there is an attitude of apathy toward children's ministry.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank