The Gospel is All You Need

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The gospel is all you need. I wrote a book called The Gospel Centered Children's Ministry, and it's all about the gospel being the center of all you need. Here's the deal, friends: we will program until we're blue in the face. Don't we? We schedule until we're blue in the face. We recruit, and we plan. We do all of this stuff and it's so easy to do it in the power of the flesh, in our own selves instead of the power of the gospel. I mentioned my book on this topic. If you go to Amazon or you get on the title of the book is Give Me Jesus. It's all about having a gospel centered children's ministry. I want this for you, and I want this for me. There's nothing wrong with planning. 

There's nothing wrong with programming. There's nothing wrong with mentoring, coaching, and bringing up leaders. There's nothing wrong with recruiting strategies and retention strategies, but it is so easy to think that it all falls on us and it doesn't. The power is in the gospel. It's in the good news of Jesus Christ, and it's the gospel that changes people's lives. It's the gospel that draws kids and brings families together. It's the gospel that is the growth agent of the church. It is the gospel that does a work in the hearts, in the lives of people. 

This week I'm talking to you about gaining fresh insights. Today I am talking about starting with the basics. When I understand that the power is in the gospel and it doesn't all fall on me, that is huge. Now we are agents of the gospel. We are ministers of the gospel. We are ambassadors of the gospel, but the power is in the gospel. Some of you that are feeling inadequate, I wonder where are you leaning in on for your strength? Are you leaning on yourself? Are you leaning on your team? Are you leaning on your pastor? Are you leaning on these programs you've built, or are you leaning on the power of the Gospel?

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank