Building a Team One Person at a Time

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You know, one of the most challenging parts of ministry is leading a team. One of the most challenging parts of leading people is building a team. How do you do it? You know, sometimes I talk to leaders about team building and it's like they immediately just glaze over because we think about building a team; recruiting a team. It's just overwhelming and you start thinking about all the people you need and I want to help you with this today. I want you to remember a simple truth: that building a team is as simple as recruiting one person at a time. It's as simple as investing in one person at a time. Maybe you have 20 spots on your team you need filled. Guess what? Just focus on one this week. And once you get that one filled, focus on another.

Maybe you have 50 volunteers on your team and "Ryan, how do I pour into and invest in 50 leaders?" You don't. You invest in one leader at a time. What if I have 500 leaders? You probably need some help, but your help is going to invest in one leader at a time. A lot of times, big problems, big obstacles, big hurdles are simplified if we break them down. And you know, we talk a lot about crawling and then walking and then running. And when it comes to building a team, it's crawling and walking and running. You don't start by thinking, okay, how do I equip this whole team to go to the next level? You invest in one person at a time. I know you've heard me talk a lot about this. You've read me on this. You've attended my events. Andy Stanley talks about this: to do for one, what you wish you could do for all. And there is no way that you can pour into all of your leaders this week, but you can pour into one. So who's your one this week?  What's one position that you can try to fill this week? What's one volunteer that you can give some extra attention to? What's one thing you can do to help one of the ministries of your church get better? Who is one person you can pray for? What's one thing on your to-do list that you can actually tackle today? Start by thinking of one.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank