Who Are Your 12, 3, & 1?

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If you are going to have high capacity volunteers, you want to spend time with them. You want to spend time with them. Now there is a misconception in ministry that you have to treat everybody fairly. You have to treat everybody fairly and you've got to give everybody equal amounts of time. But that is not true. You need to identify your high capacity volunteers and spend more time with them, right? 

I would spend less time with your low performers, more time with your high performers. Now Jesus did this. He had his crowd. He had the crowd, and then he had his group of 72. Then he had his 12, then he had his inner circle of three, but then he placed his greatest investment in one person, Peter. Right? Jesus spent most of his time with his 12 and then even more time with his three, and the most amount of time with his one. Who is your one? Who are your three? Who are your 12? 

My assignment for you is to identify in your notebook or journal who is your one, who's your three, who's your 12. Who is that one person on your ministry team that you need to be spending the most time with? Who are your three people on your ministry team that need to be getting a lot of your attention and who are 12 people that you need to make sure you are investing yourself in? Now, not to say you totally ignore everybody else, but you don't give everybody else the same time as you give your 12. You don't give your 12 the same amount of time as you give your three and you don't give your three as much time as you give your one.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank