Focused Leaders are Effective Leaders

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You know, there is so much activity around us. We live in a crazy world. Everybody's so crazy busy. You have so many opportunities coming your way, so many things to get your attention. How do you stay focused? You know, there is a big difference between leaders that are focused and leaders that aren't focused. When you're a leader that is focused, all of a sudden you can get things done. Doesn't that feel good? When you get things done and when you aren't just busy, but you're actually productive, you get things done. You aren't as distracted when you're focused. Those distractions go away and it doesn't mean that they're not going to surface in your life, but you don't succumb to them and you're not constantly chasing shiny objects. You aren't as distracted. It's easier for you when you're focused to set priorities. You begin to live by your priorities and not by the demands that people were putting on you or you are putting on yourself. 

When you're focused, you are able to lead on your strengths. You recognize what your strengths are and you lead according to your strengths and you surround yourself with people who compliment your weaknesses. Something else that happens with people that are focused is that they have the great ability to help their team focus. Here's the thing; you're a leader. As you are leading a children's ministry, you are leading a team and you've got all of these volunteers and you've got directors and you've got people that you're leaning on, and when you are able to focus, you are then able to help your team focus.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank