Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

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Let me share with you a story. You know, Isaac Newton once said, "if you want to see further, you need to stand on the shoulders of giants." I've learned this to be true in my life, and I bet you have too. That if you really want to grow in an area of your life, you need to find someone who excels in that area and learn as much as you can from them. Spend as much time with them as you can. Pick their brain; glean from them. Hear them out; watch their life. Listen to what they say.

My wife, Beth, is good in the kitchen, and we like cooking in the kitchen together. It's one of our hobbies, but she is a much better chef than I am. You know, I think one of the way she's learned to be a good chef is she likes to watch the food network. She'll watch Ree Drummond, all the pioneer woman, and all these people on the food network. She'll watch them, and she'll get these ideas, then she'll go to the kitchen and try something. By learning and by standing on the shoulders of giants, she's become a lot better chef or cook in the kitchen.

You've probably seen this in your life. You start hanging around certain people and all of a sudden you grow in those areas. Listen, who are some giants around you that you can learn from? What's an area in your life where you want to stretch yourself, grow, and become better? Find a giant and start learning from them. You can even learn from their mistakes on what not to do, but you can learn from everybody. Remember, if you want to see further, you need to stand on the shoulders of giants.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank