Wrong Attitude Toward Children's Ministry #2 - Kids Are a Tool

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There is a second attitude toward children's ministry and it is this, that children are a tool. It's a practical way to view children's ministry. In other words, we view children as a tool to get parents as a tool to grow the church. And listen, those two things are correct, right? Children are a tool to reach parents. Children are a tool to grow a church, but if that's your only view and your only mindset, you're going to miss seeing their real value. The real value of kids. Are children a tool to reach parents? Absolutely. If you have a great children's ministry, parents will sit in a worship service bored to tears because their kids are in the back having a good time and learning and begging to come back every Sunday. 

Are children a tool to grow a church? Yes, they are. Sam Chand will tell you, I've heard him say it over and over again in the last 18 months. Children's ministry is one of the top three tools to grow a church if you have a vibrant, healthy children's ministry. But we do not view children only as a tool to reach parents. We do not view children only as a tool to grow a church. We see the value in a child, right? We see that children's ministry matters because of the children themselves, right? Because they need to come to know Christ as their savior. They are young disciples. They are filled with the same holy spirit that the adults get. They can start serving Christ today, right? 

When there is an attitude of children are a bother in the church, there's apathy toward children's ministry. When children are only viewed as a tool and this attitude is present, there is approval of children's ministry. We'll spend money, right? We'll invest dollars; we'll invest resources. Why? Because children's ministry is a tool, and since it's a tool, we need to make sure that we are allocating the right resources for that ministry.

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Ryan Frank