Build a Team That Loves New Ideas

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You have to build a team that loves and embraces new ideas. You have to build a team that loves and embraces new ideas. You want to build a culture in your ministry that we're about trying new things. We're about testing new things. You know, we're about giving something a shot. Well, Ryan, what if it fails? If it fails, that's okay, right? You fail forward and you learn from it. Some of your best ideas won't just come from you, okay?  They'll come from your team. They'll come from your team. Take a take a really fresh look at your ministry. Are you cultivating a culture where you have a group of people? Last week I talked to you about your thinkers and your dreamers, right? And then your organizers and your doers. 

Do you have some people at the top of the pyramid that are willing to try some crazy ideas? They feel like it's safe to put that on the table. Hey, have we ever tried this on a Sunday? Have we ever tried this kind of an event? Have we ever followed up this way? Listen, always be on the lookout for new ideas. Get your team on the lookout for new ideas. Encourage your people that you know what, there is no such thing as a dumb idea. We're going to trust those crazy ideas. Get out there and visit new churches. Go tour some children's ministries. Read some books. You need to subscribe to KidzMatter magazine, right? Not just because it's my magazine and you need it, which you do, but because it's going to open up your eyes and your team's eyes to new possibilities of what churches are doing. Go to a conference, attend sessions online and not just by yourself, but as a team.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank