(Sort Of) Wrong Attitude Toward Children’s Ministry #3 - Children are the Future

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Children are our future. Now, this is a very true way to view children's ministry, right? It is true that children are our future. I hear pastors say it all the time, and they are well-intended people. They don't mean anything by it, but they say kids are the future of the church. They are the future, and while that is true, there is a higher purpose to children's ministry. Children aren't something we're investing in because they're the future, right? We're investing in them because they can start doing stuff today. They can start serving Christ today. They can be young ambassadors for the Lord Jesus Christ today; they can be a light today. They can be the salt of the earth today. They can be that city on a hill that can't be hidden today. They can be young evangelists today.

You get my point. This third attitude is true, but there's a higher purpose. When the first attitude that “kids are a bother” is present, there's apathy toward children's ministry. Attitude number two: that “children are a tool.” When that attitude is present, there is approval of children's ministry. With attitude number three, that “children are our future,” there is appreciation toward children's ministry. Now, listen, there's nothing wrong with appreciating children's ministry, right? We could all use board appreciation, right? But, listen, that's good, but there is more.

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Ryan Frank