What's Your 5%

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One of the most precious gifts that we have on this earth is our time. The older I get, and I am getting real old (not really); the older I get, the more I realize how precious time is. You know every minute lost, every hour that passes, it’s a minute and an hour I will never get back again, and you won’t either. A lot of times I have young people, people in their twenties saying, “Ryan, what should I do?” And I think, boy if I could just go back to that time. If I could be twenty again. If I could be thirty again.  Some of you are thinking if I could be forty or fifty again because you understand this principle that time matters.

In our conversation today, I want to encourage you to evaluate your time. I want to talk to you about what Wayne Cordeiro calls the 5% factor. If you’ll listen to this principle it could change everything. I don’t get the credit for it because I didn’t write about it. I learned it from Wayne Cordeiro. Let me tell you what I have learned, and that is that 85% of what you do, anybody can do. 85% of what I do, anybody can do. Anybody can check email; anybody can drive a car (well almost anybody); anybody can eat; anybody can read a magazine. 85% of what you do everyday, anybody can do. Anybody can sleep. Anybody can make a cup of coffee (except for, I do know a few people who aren’t very good at it), but anybody can do this stuff. Now that’s 85% of what you do, anybody can do.

10% of what you do, someone else could do with some training. So with a little bit of training, you could teach somebody to do this thing that right now you feel like only you can do. Now what’s that leave? If 85% of what you do anybody can do, and if 10% of what you do someone else could do with some training, that leaves 5%, and this is the 5% factor. The point is that 5% of what you do only you can do.

If that’s the case, you need to prioritize your schedule and prioritize your life, so that you’re focusing on that 5%. A really good activity for each of us to do is to slow down, take a few minutes, and write down what are those things in my life that only I can do, that nobody else could do even with training. One thing that comes to mind: your relationship with the Lord. Only you can manage your relationship with the Lord. What about your relationship with your spouse and your children? Only you can manage that. What about the vision for your church? What about the vision for your ministry, or the vision for your small business? That vision: you can’t delegate vision. Vision has to come from you.

There are things in your life that only 5% of it you can do. You need to make sure those are valued. Protect those things, otherwise you spend so much time on the 85%, even on the 10%, that the 5% gets neglected.

I want to encourage you to eat this frog today. I want you to look at “what are the 5% things in my life?” What are the things that only I can do? What are the things that only I can control? Am I valuing those in my life? Am I giving them the attention that they so rightly deserve? So today, make a list. Keep that list in front of you. Look at what can you delegate. Who can you train to help yourself, so you can focus on the things that only you can do.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank