It's Lonely at the Top

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It's been said that it's lonely at the top. If you're a leader, a pastor, a manager, or if you own your own business. The higher up you go, the lonelier it is and the fewer people that are around you.  

John Maxwell said it’s lonely at the top, so don’t be up there alone. A lot of times, leaders look around and wonder where everyone is and they realize they’re all alone and doing it all. That's a big problem. When you first start, it’s easy to become the jack-of-all trades.  You’re starting up this business, you’re new in a ministry, you’ve got these new responsibilities and you do it all! To a degree, you need to do that in the beginning- that's important. But the problem is, if you continue to do it all, and you become the general manager of everything in every department and every task, you are eventually going to hit a brick wall. You’ll eventually burn out, you’ll tire out.  This is why you need to learn to surround yourself with good people and you need to build a team.

There's a great story in the Bible about this. Moses was leading the children of Israel during the day and then he was judging at night. People were coming to him at night and he was literally judging and he was helping people resolve conflict and helping them solve disputes. He was starting early in the morning, going late into the night, and he was working, working, working, leading, leading, leading, and doing, doing, doing. One day he realized he had some problems at home.  His wife decided she wasn’t doing this and went back home. Shortly after that, Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro, showed up and told Moses they needed to have a talk. He asked why he was doing all of this himself. He told him he needed to find other men that were capable and he needed to delegate and empower others to help him because he could not do it all.

You cannot do it all.  You need to build depth in your team and constantly be developing leaders.  The secret is you have got to take time to delegate and develop the next level of leaders.  If you try to do it all, it will work for a while, but you're going to get really tired. You're eventually going to run out of gas and run out of steam and you're going to hit that brick wall that I mentioned.

You have got to learn to delegate whatever you're doing right now. Delegating means finding good capable people and spending time with them and entrusting them. What if they don’t do as good as you do, you ask? Well, somebody took a risk on you one time and you probably didn't do as well as they did. You find people that you trust, people that you have a heart connection with, and they are connecting with who you are and where you want to go, and you build that team.   One of your biggest jobs as a leader is not doing, it is investing and building the next level of leaders. Go do it!

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank