Be Patient. Be Consistent. Be You.

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Recently, I went to a conference in Miami Florida, and it was hosted at the Hard Rock Stadium. The conference was actually at the club level, so I found it neat to walk around and see all of the pictures of past players and performers. As I walked around the stadium, I saw many pictures of the legendary quarterback Dan Marino.

Dan Marino played seventeen seasons for the Miami Dolphins, and he’s known as one of the greatest quarterbacks ever. I want to show you a Dan Marino quote. He said, “I just try to be myself, whatever that is. I don’t think about how I will be remembered. I just want to be consistent over a long period of time. That’s what the great players do.” I want to focus in on his line, “I want to be consistent over a long period of time.”

One of the greatest characteristics/ attitudes you can have is being patient. We as people just aren’t patient. It has just become apart of our culture; we want things, and we want it now. I talk to leaders, pastors, and business owners, and they all say the same thing. In fact, I was talking to someone the other day that said they had a podcast, but they need more people to listen in. They were asking me what to do. Maybe it’s a podcast for you, a youtube channel, a number of followers or people in your church, or a sales number; whatever it is, you want it, and you want it now. The missing ingredient is often patience.

Great things take time. Things that are worth building, living for, and giving your life toward are not going to happen over night. What you need to do as a pastor, teacher, business owner, or manager, whatever you do, you’ve got to be yourself. You’ve got to be yourself, just like Dan Marino said. You’ve got to be consistent over time. Be yourself. Show up. Do “you” consistently, and here’s why; he ended that quote by saying, “it’s what great leaders do.” Want to be a great manager, leader, and/or influencer? Be yourself, and be consistent over a long period of time. Remember, good things come to those who wait.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank