The Freedom Of Self-Awareness

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What is holding you back? Now, stop and think about it. Whether it is launching that blog, or launching that podcast; or starting that ministry; or starting that business; or quitting your job so you can do what you really want to do, what is holding you back? Let me tell you what holds a lot of people back; it's the opinion of others. Today I want to challenge you to wash out of your head the opinions of others.

One of the greatest skills that you can develop is to become self aware. Here's what I mean by self-aware: self-awareness is when I really understand who I am, how God created me, what I'm wired to do, and then I do it. I don't worry about what my aunt thinks. I don't worry about what my mom thinks. I don't want to worry about what some stranger on social media thinks. I am going to be me. I am going to do what I want to do, what I am called to do, and what I am passionate about.

I see so many people - friends, people in my church, people that I work with, acquaintances - that when they want to do something, they put themselves out there.Then one person says something negative, and they stop. They put themselves out there, and if one person says something critical or looks at him the wrong way, they run and hide. Friends, don't do that! Be self-aware, and be confident in who you are, and be confident in how God created you.

If you can grow your confidence, if you can really become self aware, you will take one great step forward. I'm going to tell you right now it'll take you to a whole new level, so block out the voices of negativity. Block out the voices of criticism, and pursue what God has given you to pursue. Really at the end of the day you are serving and you are performing in front of an audience of one. You aren’t performing for all those people on Facebook, all of those on Twitter; all of those at church; all of your graduated high school peers; your work friends; your aunt; your uncle; your husband or wife; your mom; your dad, you aren’t performing for anyone but your Lord Jesus Christ. He has created you; He has shaped you in a unique way.

Be self-aware. Discover who you are; discover your gifts; discover your abilities. Take those dreams, those passions, those desires, those things you have been waking up with and can’t get off your brain, and go do them. You've heard me say it over and over again. Don't die with too few regrets. Don't die taking those dreams with you to your grave. Most great ideas that have ever been invented are in tombs today; they died with people. Don't die with those great ideas. Don't die with that desire on your heart to do that, see that, or become that person. You pursue it, friend.

Listen block out the noises of negativity. Block out the noises of those that don't matter, and  remember who you are. Remember what God has created you to do, who God has created you to be, and go after it.

This is what I want to help you do. If you have been following me for very long, maybe you’ve read one of my books, or you’ve heard me speak at an event, or maybe we have just become acquainted in the last couple of weeks, what you're going to learn about me is that I want to help you lead like never before. In your family, in your work, and in your ministry, I want you to lead which is really in essence influence. We think leadership, and we get really really scared. We think “me? A leader?” All a leader is is an influencer.

I want to help you influence like never before. I want to help you go after your dreams. I want you to become the person that God has created you to be, but it's going to require you to become acutely self aware of who you are, and how God created you. It's going to require you to grow in your confidence of this is who I am, and you are going to have to learn to block out the voices of negativity. At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter.

Are you ready to start? This is the frog I want you to eat. I always talk about eating the frog first, here’s the frog I want you to eat. Evaluate who you are. Become so self-aware and confident in who you are and how God created you that you know it doesn't matter what anybody says. It doesn’t matter what people say on Instagram or Facebook. It doesn’t matter if my aunt is negative, and she says I can’t do it. I am going to pursue it for God's glory and for my good.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank