The Value of Relational Equity

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In the end, it’s all about the relationships. It's all about relationships. Look at the ministry of Jesus, His Earthly Ministry. He spent three-and-a-half years teaching us how to build relationships with people. He went deep with a group of three guys: Peter, James, and John. He invested in a group of 12, who then invested in a group of 70, who went on to shake the rope, but it all began with relationships.

I'm sure as you look back on your life or your career, you look at the good things that happening in your life, you see that those things normally begin with a solid relationship. If there's somewhere you need to be investing time every day, in your home; in your church; in your ministry; in your workplace, it is in relationships.
If you're a manager at work, or you're trying to lead a MOPS group; or you're trying to lead a nonprofit; or your a pastor, the more people you lead, the greater your needs are. You are required to have more assets. If you want to get more out of people when you need more help, (if you're leading, I know you need more help.) it's going to require you to build relationships; this is called relational equity.

Relational equity. Here's the thing: if I have relational equity with you, that means I have invested in our relationship, in our friendship. Then when I need something, that's what I can pull because I have build up our relational equity. If I build equity up in my home, and I paid that thing down, if I need some money, I can pull money from the equity that I have in my home. Everyday you and I need to be building relational equity.

How do you build relational equity with people? It is really quite simple, but it's not always easy to do. It is about making more deposits into people’s life than withdrawals. If all I'm doing is asking and if the only time I call you is when I need something, then I am not building up equity. I am withdrawing more than I am depositing. If I add a lot of value to your life, if I help you; if I encourage you; if I poured into our relationship; if I spend time with you, then when I need to make a withdrawal, I can fall back on my relational equity. When I need some help, I need some attention; I need some advice, I've of lot better chance of getting that from you because I have build up relational equity.

As I look around at my ministry and the companies that I run, they have really been they have grown into and fueled from relational equity that has been built over years. By just investing in relationships, not expecting anything in return, I can then use my relational equity when I need some help. Typically when I need help, I've always got some people that I can call.

Question for you today: who can you invest in, and what kind of relational equity can you build up? Don't overthink it. It can be as simple as sending some text messages. It can be as simple as handwriting some cards, calling someone on the phone, going and sitting in someone's office, taking someone for coffee and not asking for anything in return. Spend time with that person to bless that person, to add value to that person. This is critical because if your ministry is going to grow, if your lifework is going, it is going to grow with the help of a team. The only way to build a good team is to be building relationships; it is to be building relational equity with people, so you can cash out and get some help when you need it.

How are you doing with building relationships? I know it's really easy especially when you're busy and you got kids, work, this and that, to only call when you need something. We're all guilty of that, but that needs to be the exception, not the rule. Be someone that is building up a ton of relational equity by adding value to people's lives, by helping them, by encouraging them, by spending time with them.

By me doing videos like this and podcast like this, I'm hoping I am building a ton of relational equity with you. I don't know if I will ever have to call you and ask you for anything, but I hope if I do that you are ready to say, “Ryan, what do you need?” because you have built up so much relational equity in my life.

Let’s all go after that everyday. Let's eat that frog first. Let’s say that today I'm going to first and foremost find someone that I can build into their life. Go build up some relational equity today, tomorrow, the next day, then the next day, and just make a pattern of it in your life. It’s going to take some time, but it's an investment that will pay off 10-fold + more. Just go do it.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank