You're Being Watched

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I’m writing this as I sit in the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida, the home of the Miami Dolphins. Whenever this football team gathers to play, more than 38,000 people get together and watch a handful of people on the field throwing a football.

I want to encourage you with a leadership thought today. 38,000 people gather, and they watch some people play on the field.  Everyday there are people that are watching you. Did you know that? Every day as a leader, people are watching you all the time. They are watching all the time! They’re not just watching you when you're on the stage; they're not just watching you when you're doing your thing.  They are watching your expressions; they are watching the way you walk in to the office. They are watching the way that you talk to your spouse and to your kids. They are watching the way that you handle conflict; they are watching the way that you present yourself on social media. Now if that alarms you, it shouldn’t. Is should actually be a wake-up call because all of us as leaders are on all the time.

How are your expressions, your attitude, your conversations? How are you responding during the good days and during the bad days? It really really matters. The people that follow you, the people that listen to you, the people that buy from you, they really care about you. As they watch you, they are determining IF you are someone they can trust. Are you someone that has credibility? Are you someone that they want to follow?

Be someone worth following. Be someone worth influencing. Be someone worth the credibility that you desire. People are watching you everyday.  There may not be 38,000 people watching you-the number of people that sit in this stadium where I wrote this. But, there are eyeballs watching you everyday. It may just be a few, but those few matter! So remember to be the person that God’s called you to be, live the life that you know you want to live, and pursue your dreams along the way.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank