3 Things You Absolutely Have to Know About Being Creative | Part 1

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How are your creative juices doing? Are they running? Are you feeling like you're in that creative rhythm? I want to help you in this three part series to really focus on getting in your sweet spot, being creative, producing, and doing what really matters.

You are a creative person. Sometimes, when people think creative, they immediately think of someone that's artistic, or someone who creates music, or someone that can design a house, or decorate; creativity is so much more than that. You really are wired creatively. God, Jehovah God, the God of the Bible, the most creative person ever, the one that spoke everything we see into existence, created you. He created you to be special, and he has special plans for your life.

Creativity for each of us looks different. Sometimes creativity means knowing how to solve problems in new ways; being creative can be changing your perspective or helping someone else change their perspective. It can be breaking a routine. Sometimes it can be tuning out the voices of others, so that you are able to do what you need to be doing, which is something that I desperately want for each of you to learn. I want you to learn to take your two fingers, plug your ears to the voices of those around you, so you can be able to do what you need to be doing and being who you need to be. That's being creative.

What about finally just giving it a shot or just going for it? Do things in a new way. Being creative can look like all kinds of different things. You are creative; God is why are you special. There are things you can do that no one else in your church or in your organization can do, so what do I need to do to stay in that creative rhythm? There are a bunch of things I could share, but I'm going to share three of them with you: one here, one in another article, and the last one in the final article. These are little secrets or tips that I think are going to help you in your journey.

Here's the first one: you have to do your most important work when you are at your best. Question: what time of the day are you at your best? Maybe it's the morning, maybe you're a night owl, and you feel like you're the best at night. Whenever you are at your best is when you need to be doing your most important work. Now for me, it is the first couple hours every day. Give me a cup of coffee, give me my laptop, and I'm good to go. I tend to be a morning person, so for me, I'm at my best the first few hours of the day.

Regardless whether you’re a morning person or a night person, medical professionals tell us that our brains actually function best in the morning. For most people, the first few hours of your day is the time that your brain is functioning at its best. You may feel that way, or you may not; I don't know. Somebody actually forwarded me an article a couple weeks ago that they found online; it stated that your brain is actually bigger (it's literally bigger) in the morning, and throughout the course of the day, your brain shrinks. By the time evening rolls around, it's smaller than it was that morning. So you sleep at night, and by the next day your brain returns to its normal size. All of that was based on a study of thousands of MRI scans. If your brain is bigger in the morning (Actually I don't know whether means that you should actually be doing your most important in the morning. I don't know how that impacts your life work, but I found it interesting.), then I would assume you can absorb more in the morning.

I think there is a big point that I want each of us to catch, and that is you’ve got to find your time when you feel like you're at your best. Again for most of us, it is probably going to be those first few hours in the morning, and then you need to guard it. This is why I don't schedule appointments in the morning; this is why I rarely check my email in the morning; this is why I don't scan Facebook in the morning because if my brain is functioning at its best in the morning, then I want to do my most important work in the morning. That is when I want to think, when I want to create, when I want to solve problems, when I want to dream, when I want to be a build. Push off some of that other stuff that maybe doesn't require as much brain energy or creativity to the afternoon or the evening or for another time.

Here's my big takeaway for you, the frog I want you to eat today. Your frog is to look at your schedule, think about your day, and ask yourself “when do I feel like I'm at my best?” If you feel like you’re at your best in the morning, that's when you need to do your most important work. If you feel like you’re at your best in the evening or mid-afternoon, that's when you need to do your most important work. However, the frog I want you to eat is to identify that time, and then begin guarding it. Even if you have to schedule an appointment with yourself everyday during that time so nothing else gets put into that spot, card that time. Make that appointment with yourself.

You are creative; God has a lot of things He wants you to do. Those around you need you at your best, so do that most important work when you are feeling at your best!

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank