Together We Are Stronger

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I just want to start by telling you that I believe that you are awesome; you're amazing. I love the children's ministry community. You give love when you don't get love back. You give when no one gives back to you. You're the first one there, and you're the last one to stay. You clean up messes that aren't yours. You have to pull rabbits out of a hat and make miracles out of nothing. You love kids unconditionally; you serve families; you're passionate about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and that's why I tell you so often I believe in you. I'm your biggest fan because I believe in what you're doing, and I believe in you.

I believe that together we are much stronger. What do you think about a t-shirt that says Kidmin strong? Kidmin strong: I am excited, not just about this brand new t-shirt, but I'm excited about what it represents, that together we are so much stronger.

God never intended for anyone of you to do ministry alone. If you feel lonely, if you feel like you have no one to talk to; you have zero support; you feel like you’re up on this mountain and you can barely breathe and you look around and you’re all by yourself, that was never what God planned. God's plan was for you to do ministry with others; to find support from a community of like-minded leaders. You go back to the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve chose to sin, they not only found himself disconnected from God and disconnected from each other, but we still deal with the ramifications of this today. By default, people would rather hide in their shame, in their guilt, in their fears, and in their failures. However, that is not God's desire for your life.

Together we are stronger. I just amazed at how this community over the last 10 +  years has supported KidzMatter magazine. Many of you have graduated from Kidman Academy. I am amazed that in just a couple of years we have a Facebook group “I Love Kidmin” with 20,000 kidmin leaders. It is quite incredible to me that in just two years we have a conference called Kidmin Nation Megacon with nearly 2,000 Kidman leaders like yourself that show up every fall. This community is amazing; not only that you listen to me, that you listen to my podcast, and you read my stuff, but how you support each other, how you encourage one another, how you're there to give some ideas, give a shot in the arm, and to pray for one another because together we are stronger.

I want to  encourage you to get your hands on a Kidmin Strong t-shirt today. Not just because it's a soft t-shirt (which it is and I love soft t-shirts) and that it looks cool but because of what it stands for and the movement that it represents. We are stronger together. I encourage you to pick one up today, but don't just pick one up for yourself. You should probably get one for your spouse, your kids, or your best volunteers. Maybe when you think about your team, you think of a few people, a few volunteers that you couldn't live without. Give them a Kidmin Strong t-shirt; remind them that they're a part of something much bigger than just what they do on Sunday mornings and what they do on Wednesday nights.

Children's ministry is all about the gospel. Children's ministry is all about impacting the lives of kids and families for all of eternity. Friends, thank you for making Kidmin Stronger by being an active part of this community. Get your T-shirt today, and remember that I love you, and I believe in you.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank