Select Your VBS and Start Building Your Team

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I want you to select your VBS and start ordering. Select your VBS if you haven't already and start ordering. Let's talk about this first part: In my VBS Jumpstart Strategy I have a whole video training on how to choose the best VBS program because there are so many (maybe 50) VBS programs out there and they're so good! I have a whole session on there on how to choose; seven questions you need to ask when you're choosing a VBS program. Let me just tell you this: you don't want to choose your VBS based on the decorations that you like the most. I know it's fun to decorate, but please do not choose your VBS because you've always wanted to do an underwater VBS, or you've always wanted to do an out west VBS, or a down under VBS, or a rocketship VBS.  All of those are fine, but there are better questions to ask when choosing the VBS. You really want to get to the heart of the VBS and then all of the decorating “stuff” we'll figure out. So, get your VBS figured out if you haven't already and then start ordering because this stuff goes on backorder. If you wait until a month out before you start making your orders, (especially for your important stuff) and you find out it’s on backorder, you're going to start really really stressing out. Even if they promise you it's on a two-week backorder as great as publishers are (and I'm friends with all of them), stuff happens; stuff happens with printers out of the publishers control and you don't want to get caught with not enough stuff!

Start building your core team; you might call it your VBS Committee. Build your team now. Churches are different and here's how I've always structured it at my church: I’ve got a core team of five people. I've got a registration director; I've got a preschool director. I’ve got an elementary director. I’ve got a decorations director, and I’ve got a marketing director. You don't have to stick with those five, but those are the five that I have always pretty much stuck with. I want to start building that team now and start meeting with these people. My article last week talked about building a team. You need to do three things. So first build your team, then meet and start coming up with tasks, then timeline those tasks. Start meeting with your team every six weeks and as you get closer, start meeting every four weeks, then every two weeks. When you are a week or two out, you are going to want to meet every week. Meet as a team, come up with a list of tasks, and then share it with the team and then timeline it. What needs to be done four months out, three months out, one month out, the week before, the week of, the day before, and the day of? What needs to happen the week before VBS; what needs to happen the week of VBS; what needs to be done today? What needs to be done afterwards? The magic is in the follow-up, so we need a recap and notes for next year. I deal with that in my VBS Jumpstart Strategy.

Here's the thing with your team: when you start building your core team you're going to meet as a team and you’re going to come up with tasks. Next, you’re going to timeline those tasks. This is the key to really making teamwork work. I said on Instagram the other day that teamwork is dream work. Where it really works well is when you have your core team close the loop. Close the loop means we build a task, we timeline it, and then we let the team know when the stuff gets done. We got the t-shirts ordered, we hit 50 kids registering, we’ve got all of our team leaders in this department, and we close the loop so everybody knows. It is especially important that you as the VBS leader know what has been happening and when people are closing the loop, so you must start building your core team right now.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank