The One-At-A-Time Method of Recruiting VBS Volunteers

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Start recruiting everybody else one at a time. When should you start recruiting all of your volunteers for VBS? You need to already be starting. You need to be doing this now. I like to start in January. I know that seems crazy, but here's the deal. I start in January and, get this, I always have enough workers because I don't wait until the month of. Don't, please do not wait until the month of to start recruiting. Here's why I put one at a time: don't rely on bulletin announcements. Don't rely on a clipboard at the welcome center. Don't rely on a table out in the narthex or the lobby. Don't wait on people to email you and say I'll help. Start recruiting.

Little secret: I have a whole video training in my VBS jumpstart strategy at on recruiting volunteers, but here's a little secret that'll help you, and that is these two things. First, go to everybody that volunteered last year and ask if you can count on them again this year. You need to be doing that right now. Call them, text them, find them at the church, look them in the eye. Don't do a Facebook post that says, “hey VBS people from last year, will you help this year?” No! It's gotta be one on one. One at a time. Best is eye to eye. Second best is a phone call or a text.

“Can I count on you for next year? For this summer?” That's number one. But, don't stop there. Here's what you say next. You say, “who do you know that I should ask to help with VBS too? Who do you know that I need to know? Who's one person that you think if I asked them to help with VBS they'll say yes?” I'm telling you, that is my secret weapon. I'm telling you the truth, not that I'd ever lie to you, but I'm telling you that's my secret weapon. Not only for VBS, but any summer program. Because summer ministries are hard to staff. I say, “will you help me again this summer, and who do you know that I need to know? Who do you think I could ask?” Then I call that person or I find them at church. I then say, “hey, you know what? Nicki helped with VBS last summer, and actually this is her fifth summer. She's great. She thought that you would like to help her or that you'd like to help too. Can I talk to you more about that?” The likelihood of that person saying yes because she's friends with Nicki and Nicki's gonna be there too, goes up. Apprehension immediately goes down, and you're likelihood of that person saying yes goes up. Apprehension goes down, the likelihood of positive response goes up.

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Ryan Frank