Effectively Marketing Your VBS

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Start thinking through your marketing plan right now. Here's the deal. I believe that VBS, if you choose for it to be, can be the greatest outreach that your church has all summer, if not all year. Now you have to choose if that's one of your goals, and I talk about that in the training. If you want VBS to be one of the major outreaches of your church, you need to have a good strong marketing strategy.

That can include posters, it can include fliers, it can include tickets, things that you send home the last day of school. If you have a relationship with the public schools in your area, or Christian schools, you're sending fliers home with the kids. It can include billboards. Here's the thing. As the world is getting more and more digital, billboards are getting more and more inexpensive. I was shocked recently to find out that I can get billboards in my town for $100 a month. Billboards that 15 years ago I used to have to pay $700 or $800 a month for, I can now get for $100 a month.

So maybe it's a billboard, maybe it's Facebook. Maybe it's Facebook ads, maybe it's Instagram ads, maybe it's a Facebook event. Maybe some of you should get some teenagers in your church to just start inviting people on Instagram. I'm going to tell you how easy it is. It's as easy as launching Instagram. You launch your Instagram, you search, at the top you push the search bar.

You can search by top, you can search by people, you can search by tags, or you can search by places. I'm going to push places. I'm going to push near current location. I'm going to find the town that my church is in, which popped up right at the top, Sweetser, Indiana. Now, I can find everybody's pictures that have used that Sweetser, Indiana tag. Right there at the top is the picture of some sweet little baby boy.

Now what if I left a comment on this person's picture. "Hey Megan, it's Ryan, I'm the kid's pastor at Liberty Baptist. What a sweet picture. Hey, want to let us know we'd love to have you at VBS." Now, you don't have to do any weird stalking stuff, like you're creeping someone out. But if you introduce yourself, and, "Hey, I'm the kid's pastor at Liberty Baptist. You probably drive by church, and I want you to know we'd love to have your child at VBS."

I mean, here you go. You can find ... I've already found one, two, three ... Okay, there's a dog. Four, five, six pictures that have kids in them. Again, you don't try to creep people out, but if you're appropriate about it, "Hey I'm the kid's pastor down the street, and don't know if you have a church home, we'd love to have you at VBS.

What if you put some of your people on this, or you just choose to do it yourself? I mean, It wouldn't take that long for you to just do it yourself. But you need to come up with a marketing plan and start marketing.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank