More Voices: More Volume

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When is the last time you wished that more people would listen? You have something really important to say, or you’ve got something really important that you’re trying to do, but people won't just listen. Here's the thing: people do listen. People do want to listen; they want to connect with you. They want to hear your heart, and they want to know where you're going. There is so much volume that you as a leader you can speak louder and louder and louder, but people still don't seem to always hear.

There are two ways to raise the volume in a room. I was talking to a friend of mine today about this, and she said that there are two ways to raise the volume (and I love it). She said one person can speak louder, which is the default for most of us as leaders. We think we have to speak louder. We think that we’ve got to push out more stuff. We've got to say things better, or we've got to get a louder microphone. Or maybe we feel like we've got to increase the volume. One way to increase the volume in a room is to get someone to speak louder. The second way to increase the volume of a room (probably even better than the first) is to get more people talking. Think about that difference because it is a huge difference. One person speaking louder increases the volume, or a bunch of people beginning to speak raises the volume.

Here is my challenge for you today. What is it you are wanting to communicate? What is it that you are needing to say? Maybe it's that you need more volunteers, maybe you need more money; maybe you’re trying to raise funds; maybe you’re trying to launch a ministry or a program; or you’re trying to launch a new product; or you’re trying to let people know who you are and that your business exists or your ministry exists, while you as a leader need to be increasing your volume and making sure that you are being heard (in as many ways as possible and as frequently as possible), the best strategy will always be getting other people talking with you.

How can you empower your existing volunteers? How can you empower the raving fans that your business already has? How can you empower the parents in your ministry? How can you empower those customers that have been loyal to you for years? How can you get them talking? Because the more you get them talking, the volume goes up.

There's my take away for you today. I talk to you all the time about eating the frog. Mark Twain said that if you eat a live frog first thing every morning, nothing worse can happen the rest of the day. So here's the live frog that I want you to eat: I want you to think about what it is that you need to be heard. What is it that you want heard? Maybe it's a message, maybe it's something that's on your heart; maybe it's a program; maybe it's a product; maybe it's a push; maybe it's a promotion, what needs said? That's step one; that’s the first frog.

I want you to eat a second frog. Answer this question; how can you increase the volume not by you talking more but by getting more people talking? How can you empower them? How can you resource them? How can you give them talking points? How can you give them a shot in the arm to start talking? Whether it's literally talking to another person one-on-one, on the phone, by text, throwing out tweets, Facebook posts, or Instagram pictures: whatever this looks like for you, how can you get more people talking?

You hear it said in business all the time, the best marketing is what? Word of mouth. Whether you're a ministry leader or a marketplace leader or whether your life work is in the sacred or the secular, all of us need more people talking. One of the greatest assets that someone can give you is not their time, it is their attention. You see I can give you my time and not be paying attention, but if I give you my attention, oh what a gift that is. But to get people's attention in this busy world that we live in, you've got to get people to listen. The best way to listen or to be heard is not for you as a leader to speak louder, but to get as many people as you can talking. There's my challenge for you today. I hope that this encourages you to think bigger, dream bigger, reach more people, and influence more people. I appreciate your time and your attention today.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank