Prayer-Powered VBS

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Why do you need prayer? It's kind of a silly question, isn't it? Why do you need prayer? As a ministry leader, as a children's pastor, or as a VBS director, you are no different than anyone else in your church, except for the calling that God has placed on your life for that task. However, you are just a person. You are a child of God just like them, and you stand in desperate need of continual intercessory prayer for what you're doing.

I want you to right now commit to start praying for VBS. If you feel like you don't have enough support for your VBS (I hear this all the time), or you don't have enough support from your church, let me give you a secret. You need to start building a prayer team right now. Today, I want you to go to a dozen people in your church and ask them to join your VBS prayer team. I am going to tell you something. When you start feeding those people praises and prayer requests every week, you're not going to come back to me this summer and say, “Ryan, I have zero support for my VBS.” I know of at least 12 people that are going to be behind your VBS.

Here's the deal: it's the law of large numbers. If it's going to work with 12 people, it'll work with 24, and it'll work with 36. What if you had 50 people on your VBS prayer team? If you went to 50 people in your church this week and said, “will you start praying with me every week for VBS? Every week I will give you a different prayer request or praise. I am willing to text it to you; I'm willing to email it to you. I can write it on a slip of paper and hand it to you at church. Would you commit to praying?” That way when summer rolls around and it's time for VBS, you're going to have 50 people that are going to be raving fans. Also, then when you run a little short on your budget, guess who's going to come through with a check? When you feel like you don’t know if you will have enough help, guess who’s going to show up to be there with you? You're 50 people that have been praying with you since day one.

Here's the deal: when I say this, a lot of you will nod your head and agree. But here's the part of this I really don't like. That is that the majority of you will let this go in one ear and out the other because it is human nature. You'll say, “yes Ryan, I need a prayer team. Yes, I need to get some people this week,” but you won't do it.

I want you to beat the odds. If you want to be somebody that's going to beat the odds, I want you to write it down right now that you are not going to be one of those people that lets it go in one ear and out the other. By God's grace with God’s help, I pray you will commit to building a prayer team. I want you to write it down. Send me an email saying that you will do this. I want to keep you accountable. So then if you come to me in 3 months and you say you feel like you have no support for VBS, I'm going to ask if you listened/ read my training back on March 7th. If you say yes, then I'm going to ask you if you put your prayer team together. Because if you put that prayer team together and you're feeding them prayer requests and praises every week, you will not lack support for your VBS.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank