Ministry Multiplication

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Ministry multiplication: here are a couple of reasons why we should focus on ministry multiplication. Number one: it is really the only way to sustain yourself in ministry. Ministry can be tough; it can be hard. I don't have to tell you that. When you work with people, and especially in a ministry-church context where you are caring for people's souls and helping them spiritually and emotionally, it can be very demanding. You've got to be developing a team around you. You need to focus on ministry multiplication.

It is not only a key to sustainability in ministry; it is a key to growth in ministry. I know a lot of you have great ideas. You are constantly thinking of ideas, things that you can do, things you should start doing, programs you should begin, and tweaks you should make. When you come up with a new idea, you have a few options. You can say yes to every new idea that comes your way.

Now if you are like me, I tend to do that. That can be good to a degree, but it could also be very dangerous because you can run out of fuel real quick if you're saying yes to everything.

You can also say no to everything. Like you are going to protect yourself to the fullest extent. You may just say no, no, no. Here's a third thing you can do with new ideas: you can multiply. You can build a team; you can get people around you to help you execute those new ideas. Whether you are a pastor, a business owner, or you work in the marketplace, listen, building people around you, building a team is a key to growth. It is a key to growth in any area of your life.

How are you doing in this area of multiplication? Now again, I'm not talking about math in school. I'm talking about multiplying people. You and I need to constantly be developing leaders. Andy Stanley once said that your number one job as a leader is leadership development. You may not see yourself as a developer of people, but that's what you need to be doing, that is who you are.

Here's the frog I want you to eat this week. I want you to think about your people. How well are you doing developing leaders? Who are some new people that you can invest your time into? It will be a game-changer for you.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank