Having the Attitude of a Servant with Your Leadership

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We should choose to have the attitude of a servant. Now, Jesus did this. He said, "I didn't come to be served, but to serve.” He then ultimately said, "To give his life a ransom for many.” So Jesus modeled this. I think really in children's ministry, if there's any group, any demographic of people in the church that serve, it's really children's ministry leaders. So much of ministry is really about washing feet like Jesus did. I mean, whether you literally wash feet like some churches do or not, the principle is just being humble and being a servant and washing somebody's feet. I think often when we get in a sticky spot with our pastor, it can be because I have my ideas, my pastor has his ideas, and we can butt heads.

We can disagree, but I've got to view myself and I want to encourage each of you to view yourself as really you and I are assistants to our pastor, first and foremost. Yes, God has called us to a ministry. He's given us responsibilities. You could say he's given you a church of your own, he's given you your congregation or your sheep, your people. But at the end of the day, we serve our pastor first and foremost. If I can just keep the attitude that I am a servant and I am here to serve the Lord, and God has placed my pastor in my life and I'm here to serve him, that gets things started on the right path. When you have the attitude of a servant, you find super practical ways to serve your pastor and that can mean different things for different ones, depending on our dynamic.

I think back to the times where I knew that my pastor had a funeral and I would pull into the parking lot and see that his car was dirty and I knew what he would do is, he would leave for the funeral early to go get his car washed. But I would say, "Why don't you give me your keys and I'll go wash your car for you.” I'm not telling you that story to make you think that I always did that kind of stuff and scored exactly right, but that was one thing that I would try to do, like occasionally on funeral days make sure his car was clean.

Now you could look at that or doing those practical things as brown nosing or trying to kiss up, but it's really just treating him, treating people like you want to be treated yourself and finding practical ways. If God's given you a gifting in a certain area, how can you use that gift in a practical way to help your pastor? Maybe your pastor's not real tech savvy, but you are. Maybe you've learned how to do something that your pastor doesn't know how to do, and so you offer to help in a super practical way. It's all part of being a servant.

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Ryan Frank