Grateful or Not… The Choice is Yours

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Whether you've had a great month or a bad month, a great week or a bad week, a great day or a bad day, you and I have a choice to make every day. Are we going to be grateful or not? Are we going to live a life full of gratitude or with no gratitude?

I just came off of a great week. I had a great conference. There were thousands of pastors and leaders that I was able to minister to, but I could look at the week and I could find things that didn't go right. I could tell you things that I could have done better, things I messed up on. I can tell you stories of where people could have done better, or someone looked at me wrong, or things didn't go exactly my way. Yet, I am choosing to be grateful.

Here's the thing, and this is what I desperately want for each of you; I want you to choose gratitude. Choose gratitude. One of the driving forces in my life is gratitude. I'm grateful to God, so that drives me forward. I'm grateful for my family. I am grateful for my kids. I'm grateful for my ministry. I am grateful for people like you. I am grateful for my employees and my team. I'm grateful for the opportunities that God has given me. I am grateful for my health. I'm grateful for the fact that I can get up, walk, and do things. I am grateful for my house. I'm grateful for this home office that I'm sitting in right now. That gratitude drives me forward.

How are you doing with your gratitude? "Well, Ryan, you don't understand. I've messed up way too much," and here's the deal: you're in good company. We have all screwed up. We all have so many screw-ups. We've messed up so much that we can never reach perfection, but, and this is a big but, we have so many blessings that we can't be ungrateful. I cannot be ungrateful when I look at the blessings in my life.

Are you going to choose to be grateful? At the end of the day, it is a choice. It's a choice that you and I make, and it begins as soon as we wake up in the morning. Sometimes people ask me, "Ryan, you talk a lot about how you're so grateful and how that drives you. Why are you so grateful?" One of the reasons is because I choose to be grateful. I put systems in my life where I wake up in the morning, and I think about what I'm grateful for, first thing before I get out of bed. I try to think about those things through the day. I try to keep a journal, and I write down the things I am grateful for. When I remember all of those good things that God has done for me, man, how can I not live a life of gratitude? How can I not want to help everybody I can help and serve everyone I can serve? How can I not have a positive outlook on life when I see all of the good things that God has done for me?

I am so blessed when I talk to people. It seems like there is so much bad going on in their life. They're having health problems galore. They're having problems with their kids like you wouldn't believe. They're having such conflict at work. Yet, they are grateful because those imperfections are there, the disappointments are there, but there are so many blessings in their life as well. When I choose to look at them, then I can only be grateful. Choose today to have an attitude of gratitude. It'll make a big difference.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank