Empowering Your People

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We've got to be empowering leaders. We've got to be developing leaders. It's easy to get into and I think some of it just comes by default, because as children's ministry leaders we're trying to survive Sunday to Sunday.  We’re making sure that we've got the planning center's spots filled and we've got enough volunteers in these spots. You know you’ve got this next event on your radar, six weeks from now, that you have to be planning for. You’ve got to make sure people have what they need for this Sunday, and when you do all of this urgent stuff, it's the tyranny, the urgent, and you forget the important stuff, which is really developing leaders.

Sometimes the solution can be found: the church needs to budget more money, or figure out how to hire some more help. But sometimes we really just need to empower more volunteer leaders, and we need to bring people up. I'm convinced that in every one of our ministries, there are people that would do more, but they need to get the vision, they need to understand it, they need to be asked.

A lot of times, those people that will do more, are the people that by default we think won't do more, because they're busy.  They're busy running their business, or they're already busy doing these things at the church, and there's no way they would say yes. I think of people in my church that I think would be great leaders, yet if I just kind of go with my gut, my gut is they're not going to say yes to helping me back here with the kids, because they're doing A, B, C, D and E.

But what we know about people, is that people want to do things that are significant. They want to be part of something that's significant. It's an internal need we get that goes back to the Garden of Eden. We want to be a part of something significant. People want to be valued. They really do want their lives to matter, they really do want to make a difference. If there's anywhere that they can make a difference, it's back with the kids. We all get that!

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank