Thinkers, Organizers, Doers, & The Crowd

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You have your thinkers at the top. You have your organizers. You have your doers, and then you have the crowd. Everybody in your church should fit into one of these four categories, and everybody on your team should fit into one of these four categories. You need thinkers; you need organizers. You need doers, and you need everybody else. Now, when you look at the ministry of Jesus, what did Jesus do? Jesus had his thinkers. He had his three that were closest to him, his kind of inner circle. Remember who they were? Peter, James, and John: his three thinkers.

He then had his organizers. These are his 12. He also had his doers. Remember when he sent out the 70? He sent out the 70 to go do the work of his ministry. Then he had everyone else. Now, when you look at this -your thinkers, your organizers, your doers, and the crowd- where do you find yourself, and where do I find myself?

It's easy for us to find ourself here doing. We're always doing something. We're ordering the curriculum; we are taking out the trash. We're getting there early; we're staying early. We're the one filling the slots week to week. We're doing the setup; we're making sure everybody has what they need. We're the one picking the VBS theme. We're the one choosing the week of camp. We're the one doing, doing, doing. Then when we get stuck in this trap of doing, we don't have any time to organize, and we definitely don't have any time to think.

We wear multiple hats as leaders. Sometimes we're going to be thinking (we should be thinking). Sometimes we're going to be organizing. You can't get away from doing; we all have to do sometimes. Think, "where am I spending most of my time?"

Now, this is where you want to be spending as much time as you can thinking and dreaming. The greatest asset that each of you bring to your church is your ability to solve problems, your ability to think, your ability to dream, and your ability to create. You want to have a team. You want to have people that are your organizers. You probably have those (at least I hope you do). You might call them ministry directors. Maybe you have a Sunday school superintendent or a preschool director. These people don't have to be paid staff, but they're people that oversee areas of ministry and oversee volunteers. These are your organizers.

Your doers are your volunteers. Then you've got the crowd, everybody else. If I'm living here in the doer category, I'm not going to be structured for growth because I'm going to be so busy trying to keep my head above water and trying to survive the week to week, that there's no way I could handle 15 more kids. I can barely be left with the kids that I have Sunday after Sunday.

One last thing on this, and again, there's a lot we could teach on this one. I want to constantly be doing two or three things. One is evaluating where am I in this people pyramid? Where am I? Where am I spending most of my time? If I'm where I should be most of the time, what can I do about it?

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank