Tomorrow Starts This Evening

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If I asked you when your day starts, what would you say? If you are like most of us, myself included, your initial reaction might be, "it starts at 6:00 AM or 7:15 or whenever my alarm clock goes off. That's when my day starts." Let me teach you a little productivity hack. I'm promising you, this hack can make a world of a difference. It's this: if you will view the start of your day not in the morning but in the evening before.

I was reading Genesis 1 a while back and something jumped out at me. It was this; scripture says that God, at the end of day 1-6, looked at the evening and the morning. He looked at the evening and morning of day 3, and then the evening and the morning became day four. The evening and the morning was day five. When you study Genesis 1, you'll find that God actually began each day in the evening.

Here's the thing: we often think of our day starting first thing in the morning. But what would happen if you chose to shift your mindset where my Monday actually begins Sunday evening, my Tuesday actually beings Monday evening, my Wednesday actually beings Tuesday evening, and so on? What if you chose to start thinking about the following day the night before? I'm telling you; it could make a huge difference. When I actually do this, I am more productive. I don't nail it 100%, but when I take a few minutes the evening before to think about the following day and to even go ahead and start planning my day, it makes an impact. What are my priorities for the day? Who are the people I need to talk to? What are some projects I need to work on? All of a sudden, when I wake up the next morning I'm ready to go. I'm not wasting 45 minutes trying to plan my day. I have already thought through it the night before. In fact, I go to bed thinking about it, which I think helps me be more productive the following day.

What if you chose to start your day the night before? By the way, practically speaking because I know I'm talking to leaders who are probably tired. Right? Leaders, one thing we all have in common, we get tired because we are leading people. On top of leading people, you're trying to chase kids around, and you're trying to maintain all of these plates that you've got spinning in the air. What would happen if you tried to sleep in on the front side of the clock? Think about it like this. It sure would be nice if I could sleep in an extra two hours. If I didn't have to wake up at 6:30, if I could wake up at 8:30. What would happen if instead of going to bed at midnight, you went to bed at 10 PM? You are sleeping in, but you are sleeping in on the front side of the clock. You are beginning your day the evening before.

See, this whole idea of my day beginning the evening before, it really can revolutionize things. It can revolutionize the way I sleep, the way I get rest, the way I produce and get things accomplished throughout the day, and it can even change my mindset. What if I choose every evening to reflect on the great things that God has done for me that day and what I'm looking forward to the next day? Going to bed with that kind of a positive mindset, it can be a game changer.

Here's my challenge for you today. Don't think about your day beginning when that alarm clock goes off. Think about that day beginning the evening before. Go to bed a little bit earlier, and get some extra rest. Start thinking about what you're going to do the next day, and make a plan before you go to bed. Take time to rejoice and thank God for the good things that happen in your life that day. Friends, it can make a big, big difference.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank