Discipline Drives Dreams

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Hey what's up, friends? I love leaders like yourself, whether you view yourself to be a leader or not. If you are leading and influencing people, you're a leader, and more than likely God has given you a dream. I want to talk to you about that dream for a minute because there is something that will keep you from your dream, and it is a lack of motivation.

Here's the deal: we all get motivated. Then that motivation kind of fades off, and we have those down days. Here's a secret: if you want to see your dreams come to life, raise your hand if you'd like to see your dreams come to life. (Unless you're driving a car, please don't raise your hand.) If you'd like to see your dreams come to life, if you want those dreams that you have to become more than just a dream but a reality, you got to remember this secret, and that is you won't always be motivated.

Because you're not always going to be motivated, you have to be disciplined. I'm telling you, this single principle is a game changer between leaders that see dreams happen and leaders that never see dreams happen. Those leaders understand that they won't always be motivated, so they've got to be disciplined.

Listen, I love going to conferences. I love reading a good book, listening to a good podcast, being around the right group of people because I get motivated. However, that doesn't happen in my life every day. Just like you, I have down days. I have my Mondays. I have my days when I'm not feeling the hottest rolling out of bed. I have those days where I deal with those internal voices and struggles, so I've got to be disciplined. Motivation alone is not enough. You have got to be disciplined.

So what kind of disciplines do you need to place in your life to see your dreams happen? I can't tell you because I don't know what your dream is. So you've got to identify your dream, and then you've got to step by step lay out what it's going to take for this dream to become a reality. What can I do every day to make that dream happen? What are disciplines that I need to put in my life, whether I feel good or bad, whether I'm on a high or a low, but they are going to keep me chasing that dream and keep that dream becoming a reality?

Listen, I don't want you to just become a statistic. I don't want you to lose heart. I don't want you to drop out of the race. I want you to finish strong, and I believe that dream God has placed on your heart can become a reality, but it's going to require you doing more than being motivated. It's going to require you to be disciplined.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank