Your 2019 Goals (So Far)

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Friends, as I'm writing this, we are in June, which seems crazy. Where has the year gone? We are at the halfway point of 2019.

Here is my question for you. How are you doing with your goals for 2019? Here's my bigger question for you. What's one thing you can do right now that at the end of 2019 will make you more happy? What's one thing you can do right now to help you see those goals become a reality? What's one thing you can do right now that will make you proud at the end of 2019?

I don't want you to overthink it. I just want you to think of one thing.

Mark Twain talks about this. He had a fun little quote, and you hear me talk about it a lot if you watch my videos or listen to my podcasts. He said that if you eat a live frog first thing every morning, nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.

I talk about eating the frog first. In other words, what's that one big thing you need to do every day that will help you push your goals forward? What will make you a better person, make you a better husband, a better wife, a better worker, a better leader? What's that one thing that you need to do at the beginning of your day to help you move things forward?

Here is the frog I want you to eat today. I want you think about one thing that you can do right now through the month of June that will make you more proud at the end of 2019. Because here's the thing, it's going to come, and it is going to come quick.

And so, look back over the last six months. How have you done with your goals? Are you happy with where you are?

And then what is one thing you can do to move forward that you can look back six months from now and be glad you did that one thing.

Once you identify that one thing, put a plan around it. Make it a workable plan. If I need to sign up for this membership or if I need to start doing this one thing every day or I need to make this connection, if I just finally need to pull the trigger and go do it. Build a plan, and please, please do it.

I don't want you to look back on 2019 with regret. I want you to look back on 2019 with pride. We're at the six-month point. This is the perfect spot in the journey to do a reboot, to come up with one thing you can do to end the year strong.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank