Your Words. Building Up or Tearing Down?

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Your words are so powerful. I have a hammer. Now you know, a hammer can be used to build things, and it can be used to tear things down. So this weekend I made a little table for our deck and I used a hammer and I built a table. But you know what? I could use the same hammer and tear that table apart. If you think about it, the words that you say every day are like a hammer, they are either going to lift someone up or they're going to tear someone down. There's a reason why the Bible talks so much about our words and, how our tongue is such a powerful tool and a part of our body. So I encourage you today to think about your words. Are your words lifting other people up or are your words tearing others down?

What about the words you speak to your spouse or to your kids? What about the last time you spoke with your pastor or your manager, your boss, or your volunteers? What about the last time you spoke with a stranger at the gas station or at Walmart or Target or wherever you shop? What are your words like? Are your words sweet? Are they speaking words of life, building people up, or are those words tearing people down? I want you to be very, very intentional about your words because your words and my words are so, so powerful.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank