Shake Things Up! Do Something New!

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You aren't doing anything new. This can keep you from growing. Don't let it be the same ole, same ole, same ole. I almost think that sometimes you need to do the new things just for the sake of doing new things. I think practically on Sundays, I want to try almost every week in my kids' church to do something new. If I'm doing things the same way week after week for weeks, I will start to have discipline problems. The kids aren't listening. When I can shake things up and do new things, it's amazing. So do new things with the kids; it doesn't have to cost money.

The point is that I think week to week we need to do new things. But even like what can I do different, like looking at the whole calendar year? Maybe it's flipping some stuff; instead of doing VBS, do a summer camp at the end of the summer. Maybe we swap them, or maybe this year instead of doing this kind of VBS we would do this VBS. Or we've never done a winter camp. We're going to do a winter camp or something new. I think new things keeps things fresh. Give people something to talk about; give them something to invite people to.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank