God Has Promised His Presence

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camp in Wisconsin, where this week I'm speaking to several hundred kids. My wife, Beth, and I and our girls are here. I just wanted to give a few words of encouragement to you. I've been talking to the kids this week about the life of Moses. How Moses was just an ordinary hero, and God was with Moses every step of the way. We've covered everything from baby Moses floating in a river in a basket, to Moses killing a man, to the wilderness, to the burning Bush, to the plagues in Egypt, right to the splitting of the Red Sea. Here's the thing: we keep coming back to, with the kids, is that God promised his presence with Moses.

I want to encourage you today with this, and that is that God has promised His presence to you. What an amazing promise that is! Remember when God spoke to Moses through the burning Bush and said, "Moses, I'm going to send you back to Egypt to set my people free." Moses was like, "what if they don't listen to me?"

God said, "I'm going to be with you."

"Well, what if they ask who you are?"

God said, "tell them I am the I Am."

"Well, what if they don't want to believe what I say?"

God said,  "I'll do miracles. I'll show up supernaturally."

"Well, I can't talk well in front of people."

"It's okay. I'm going to speak through you. I'm going to give you the words to say." Every step of the way. God reassured Moses he was with him and let me speak right to you today.

Whether you're listening to this on a podcast, whether you're watching this on youtube or any other channel, or just reading along to an article, listen to me right now. God has promised His presence with you. He has said, "I'll never leave you. I'll never forsake you." God is with you when you're at your kitchen table,  when you are wondering, how you are going to survive this? God is with you. When you're in your office, God's with you. When you're meeting with your pastor, God's with you. Those of you that work in the marketplace Monday through Friday, God is with you as you are a light in that dark place. He has promised His presence.

But what if I don't feel him? He's there. This morning in our chapel, I brought a girl on stage. I stood behind her. I had her face, all these kids, and I said, "can you feel me right now?" No. "Can you see me right now?" No. "Am I here?" Yes. I said, "that's it kids. This is exactly how it is with God. You can't always see them. You can't always feel him, but He is there."

So take encouragement today, friends, God is with you. He's with you. What better promise could He have than the promise of His presence and His power? It doesn't all have to rely on you. That takes a ton of weight off. So rest in that fact, right? His promises are true and be blessed.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank