Together Everyone Achieves More

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Hey, what's up, friends? Imagine you were playing a game of football, and you decided that you were going to be the only player on your team. In other words, me against all of them, right? I don't know how well that would work. How do you throw yourself a pass into the end zone? Then run and get it? This is kind of a silly analogy. Or think about baseball. A lot of you are baseball fans. So you're going to take on a baseball team all by yourself. You'd be like, no, I got this. I'm the only person on my team. Now that may work, okay if you're batting, but what about when the other teams up to bat? So you pitched the ball, the batter hits it to the outfield, you run to the outfield to get the ball, and there is nobody to throw it too. So you run back and of course the batter already made it back home. My point is this, that to win, you need a team.

A lot of times as Christians we feel like we can win all by ourselves. As parents, as spouses, as pastors, as ministry leaders, as managers in your workplace, in your ministry, and in your life, you need a team around you, right? In the Bible, it talks a lot about this.

In the New Testament, Paul described how the church is like a body with many parts. The body needs the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and hands. We need every member of our body to function the way it's intended to function. If you are going to win in the game of life, if you are going to win in your ministry, if you are going to win as a parent, if you are going to win as a husband, a wife, a grandparent, if you're going to win in your life work, it is vital that you surround yourself with the right team.

Who should be on my team?

Great question. Well, what are you trying to go after? Where are you headed? You want to have people on your team that are heading the same way you're headed, that are thinking the same way you're thinking, and that are like-minded. Those that can pray for you, that can be there for you, and that you can be there for them. So friends, if you are looking in your life and you're like, "I don't have a team. I don't have those people in my life." Why don't you start praying that God would bring those people in your life? Then why don't you start doing this? Be the friend that you need. Be the team member that you need in your own life.

I think God will bring those people your way. Together everyone achieves more. There's an acronym for team that I did not make up. It's been around forever. Together everyone achieves more. Don't go at your life and your life work alone. Do it with a team!

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank