Leaders Build Leaders

Leaders Build Leaders

You know, I've never met a leader that starts their job, starts their career, starts their business,  plants that church, starts that ministry with the hope of burning out, of quitting early, of building something that is not sustainable over time. It just doesn't happen. As leaders, we want to build things that are going to live beyond us. And I hope that that's the case with you. If you're a pastor, whether you're a ministry leader, a marketplace leader, whether you own a small business or you are a manager somewhere or a teacher or whatever it is you're trying to build, whatever you're trying to do, I hope that you are wanting to build something that outlives you. Now, there's a little secret that will help, right? The secret to sustainable ministry or sustainability really in any area of your life work whether in the secular or the sacred, one of the secrets to sustainability is developing other leaders.

If you look at leaders that are doing well, leaders that are building things that are bigger than them, building things that will outlive them, they are leading. You'll find leaders that are constantly developing other leaders. They are speaking into the lives of other leaders. They are giving other leaders an opportunity to lead and they are building that culture within their ministry or within their organization. How well are you doing building leaders? It really needs to be a priority of your life work. Let me give you a little secret, right? Let leaders lead. Identify leaders in your ministry, identify leaders in your job, identify leaders on your team and then actually let them lead. You could say that you need to put them in the driver's seat, give them the keys to the car and let them go. Now it doesn't have to mean that they get to drive that car wherever they want.

You as the leader, you get to choose where the car goes and if the car gets off track, you get to help put the car back on track. A lot of times as leaders, we think that we can do it all and we need to do it all and we're the only ones that are supposed to lead and it really frustrates people on our team or in our church that have that gift of leadership. Listen, leaders don't want to be passengers in the back seat of the car. Leaders want to lead. How well are you doing identifying those leaders, pouring into those leaders, developing those leaders and actually letting those people do what they are good at? We really need to spend time building leaders, building leaders, and listen, this is not something that you just do, you make a decision and boom, next month we're building leaders, right?

This is a year for building leaders. This is something that takes time, right? Then it really becomes the culture of your organization, the culture of your church, the culture of your ministry and as we are constantly building leaders, it's not all about the leader at the top. It's not all about the executive team, right? It's not all about the core team and the staff. It is about finding leaders and the laity, finding leaders, empowering them and setting them loose to do what they need to do for us. That can really be a game changer for you. How well are you doing building leaders? How well are you doing building leaders in your home, building leaders in your ministry, building leaders in your church, in your nine to five, whatever your Monday through Friday, nine to five looks like? Are you developing leaders? Andy Stanley said that one of your greatest jobs as a leader is developing leaders. It's leadership development. It is about building that next level of leadership and letting them go.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank