How’s Your Spiritual Appetite?

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How is your spiritual appetite? As pastors and leaders, we're always feeding, we're always helping, we're always giving. How well are we doing taking care, nourishing ourselves spiritually? How well are you doing taking in the Word? A pastor pastor told me one time, never eat from a skinny chef. And his point was that if a chef is not willing to eat his own food and put a little bit of weight on, you probably shouldn't eat his food either. As teachers, as parents, as pastors, as leaders, we are all the time teaching and communicating and giving and shepherding and loving and doing God's word. How well are we taking in and receiving from the Lord? How is your spiritual appetite? How much time are you spending in God's word? And lesson prep for Sundays doesn't count. 

In other words, how much time are you really spending in God's word asking the Lord to speak to you? How much time are you spending in prayer talking to the Lord like I'm talking to you right now, sharing with God what you're thankful for, sharing with God what's going on in your heart, what's going on in your life, sharing with the Lord the needs that you see in your own life and in the lives of others. Friends, listen, you have got to make your spiritual life a priority. I know we're talking a lot this month about when you communicate and you teach and how to bring the Bible to life, but the Bible needs to be alive in your own life, first and foremost. So spend time with the Lord every day. Ask him to teach you. He's given you his holy spirit to teach you that. 

The Bible says that the scripture is a living, breathing word, and so let the word of God minister to your heart, to you in your life. Make sure that you are taking time alone with the Lord, that you are refreshing your spirit, that you are worshiping the Lord yourself. If you can't get to church on Sunday mornings, find a sabbath time for you where you can worship, where you can feed your soul and your spirit. I want this for you. Listen, if this is not present in your life, you will not be sustainable in your ministry. You owe it to your kids in your ministry, to your volunteers, to your pastor, to your own kids and grandkids, to your own spouse and to your own self to make your spiritual life priority number one. But you have to be intentional about it friends. You have to find time to make it happen or we all know it won't happen.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank