The Value of Collaboration

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When you start something, you always try to get as many people's opinions, right? If you're starting a business, if you're starting a ministry, a brand new church, or if you've just moved into a community, you want to talk to people. You want to get advice. You want to get counsel. You want to get help, but there's something that happens the longer you lead. That is you start thinking that you can do it all yourself. Now, not everybody thinks this way. In fact, your excellent leaders don't think this way. They understand the value of the word collaboration. If you and I can learn to collaborate, we will move from good to great. We will move from average to extraordinary and above average. One of the secret sauces in leadership, whether it's in the ministry or whether it's in the marketplace, whether it's in the secular or the sacred, is to learn that the best results don't come from me.

The best results come from we. When a baseball team wins a big tournament, what do they do? They thank each other. They celebrate together. When an actor or actress receives an award, what do they do when they're given the microphone? They thank other people. As a pastor, as a ministry leader, as a parent, as a small business owner, an educator or whatever you're doing Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, you need other people. You need the strength of a team. If you find yourself being a lone ranger, you're just doing it alone, you're solving the problems yourself, you're building things in a vacuum, let me implore with you to please break out of that rut. Bring other people around the table. Surround yourself with people that are smarter within you. Surround yourself with new voices, and all of a sudden you're going to find new energy in what you are doing. You're going to find new encouragement, and you're going to get the results you need. Remember that we is much smarter than me, so start collaborated and watch the difference it'll make in your life and in ministry.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank