Increase Your Intake of the Right Voices

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Hey friends, you know, if you come visit me at my office sometime, there are probably a few rooms I won't show you. There are a few rooms in our office that are kind of storage rooms where we store a lot of our books that we ship out to ministry leaders and pastors. They're nice rooms, but they're just storage rooms. And you know, there's a lot of books in there. 

I was walking by a room today and I paused. I started looking at these books on the shelf, and I immediately started thinking about times in my life where these books have meant different things to me, such as Rob Ketterling's Front Row Leadership. I remember when Justin Smith sent me this book about two years ago and I started reading it and I ordered a ton of them to send out to people. And, there's Tina Houser's Easter-rific. I know we're not close to Easter yet, but I've used so many ideas out of this book and have recommended it to so many people. And then we've got Maury Davis' book, Why I Believe in Santa Claus.  If you've been to Kidmin Nation Mega-Con our conference, we do this at Maury's church. The first time I heard Maury Davis speak about who was Saint Nick, I bought the book and then I've got tons of these books that I ship out to people. And then there's this book by Lisa Bevere, Without Rival. This is one I haven't read, but Beth said "Ryan, this book is awesome. We need to get these books and start sending them out to people." So we got this book and I could keep going on and on.

I think you get my point. My point is, it's amazing how God will use other people to speak into your life if you let Him. And sometimes it comes through a book, sometimes it may come through a sermon, sometimes it may come through a podcast, sometimes it may come through a phone call. It may come through a coffee meeting or a small group. But, you need to allow other voices to speak into your life and really want that in your life.

I understand maybe you're a little more introverted or you're a little bit shy and it's harder for you to create conversations with people or ask people to speak into your life, but you'll be proactive in it anyway. And there are so many ways. There's an old saying, you've heard it a million times, that leaders are readers and you need to be reading books or listening to books, finding good podcasts, listening to sermons. You should probably have some podcast passers that you listen to because often the growth comes in our life through the voices of others. And God will use others to show you things in your life that you need to work on, areas in your life where you need to grow to affirm things your my life that you're doing right, but if you have your "I'm so busy running the rat race of life that I'm not inviting those other voices into my life,"  you're going to miss out on those God appointments and those God opportunities. 

So here's my assignment for you today.  Think through what can I do this week to invite some other voices into my life? Maybe I need to buy a book or subscribe to a podcast. I know a great one is called the Ryan Frank Podcast. Just saying it's a great podcast! In my humble opinion. Maybe it's a podcast pastor you need to listen to. Maybe you're serving on the weekends in children's ministry. Maybe it's been a while since you've listened to your own pastor preach. Maybe it's time that you join a small group. Maybe you need to create a network in your area with other like-minded leaders. Do something to invite other voices into your life. It will be a huge, huge, huge decision that you make and I believe it will be a catalyst in your life to take you to a new level.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank