Wake Them Up!

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Have you ever found yourself sitting in a sermon or watching a tv program or sitting at a conference room workshop where you're like majorly fighting sleep? I mean, let's be honest, this happens to us all at times, where you're like, man, I just need woke up. Something needs to happen to wake me up. Now, here's a great activity for you to do. Think about this. Think about your children's ministry. Contextualize this to whatever your weekend experience looks like. 

Whether you are teaching the kids or whether you have a meeting with your leaders, kind of pre-service or post-service, or maybe it's a staff meeting. Think through what are five or 10 things I can do to wake this group up before they ever get there? What are some things that I can build into the program? What are some things I can build into my service? What are some things I can build into my ministry that's going to wake them up and keep them engaged? Because that's the key, right? You want people awake and you want them engaged. And if that's going to happen, you need to have a great beginning. But listen, you need to build things in halfway and three quarters of the way through and at the end. Nobody wants to fall asleep during your service. Nobody wants to doze off during your meeting. But listen, it's going to happen unless you are intentional about working things in to keep people awake. You don't decide what I'm going to do to keep people awake during the time, during the day of, during the meeting, during the service. You think all that through in advance.

One of the best ways you can use 15 minutes on Saturday is to think through Sunday morning, what am I going to do to keep these kids awake and what am I going to do to keep them engaged? One of the best things you can do to prepare for that meeting or that presentation is to think through, I'm gonna do these five things to keep these people awake. I'm gonna do these five things to keep them engaged. You start doing that and your presentations, your services, your meetings will go to a whole new level.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank