Prioritize Time with God

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You know, there's a lot to do if you're a children's pastor. If you're a children's ministry leader, you're always preparing for next Sunday. There are always events that you are working on. There are volunteers that you have to recruit, there's curriculum that you need to order, there are supplies that you've got to get. You've got all of this stuff to do. And if you're not careful, you'll get so busy doing all this stuff that you'll burn out, you'll dry up, because you're going, going, going, going, going, going, but you're not taking care of yourself spiritually. So, this is true for anybody, whether you're a children's ministry leader or not, and you've got to make your spiritual life a priority. I think it's especially important for people that are working with kids and families in the church, because there's so much to do and because you have so many volunteers to recruit, and because you've got so many plates that you're spinning, you have to make sure every day to spend time with the Lord. 

If you don't make sure to spend time with the Lord, there's a good chance it won't happen because you'll just get busy and you'll get busy doing good things and you'll get busy doing important things. But you won't be doing the most important thing. I always go back to the story of Martha and Mary in the Bible where Jesus goes to visit Martha and Mary, you know the story and they're the sisters of Lazarus. Jesus has a special relationship with this family. He visits there a lot and he probably had a bedroom there. He stayed there a lot. Mary sat down to spend time with Jesus and Martha was busy working, getting everything ready, and she got frustrated with her sister. And Jesus said, "Martha, Mary has chosen the better thing." And as children's ministry leaders, it's easy to be a Martha and to run and to do. And I've got to get this ready and I've got to get that ready. I've got to get this set up and that set up, only to find yourself being so busy working for God that you forget about your relationship with Him. Make sure to spend time with God everyday.

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Ryan Frank