Communicating Mission & Vision

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As leaders, we spend a lot of time communicating. Leaders are communicators by nature. You're always communicating whether you're talking, whether you're writing, whether you're texting, whether you're on the computer, even when you're not speaking, right? Just your body language communicates. We are always, always, always communicating. The real question we have to wrestle through is, are we communicating about the right stuff, the right things? One thing you need to constantly be communicating as a leader, especially as a church leader, as a pastor ministry leader, is you need to constantly be communicating the mission and the vision of why we're doing what we're doing. Why is it so important for church leaders? Because we are working with volunteers, right? If you are in a corporate environment or in the marketplace, you are working with employees that are getting paid. I think mission and business important in those contexts as well, but especially when you're getting things done with volunteers, and they're busy volunteers. They need to be constantly reminded of why we're doing this.

What is the vision that God has given us, and how are we doing it? If you want to attract high capacity volunteers, you have got to be mastering this very thing of communicating vision and communicating it well. And the thing is there's not one way that you communicate vision. You don't communicate vision just on a vision Sunday. Although Vision Sundays are great. You don't communicate vision just on a bulletin board, or on a banner in the hallway, or on a website, or some social media campaign. You are always in all ways communicating vision . You need to always be doing it. You need to find a million different ways to communicate the why and the how of why we are doing what we're doing in children's ministry. Again, whether you're a children's ministry leader, pastor, whatever you do, what you do is important. People need to know, so be a champion of communicating vision over and over again.

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Ryan Frank