Equip, Delegate, & Disciple

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This is a super important responsibility. You've got to equip other people. It's easy just to do things yourself. I'll do it myself because I want it to get done right, or I'll do it myself because I don't have the time to find somebody else to do it. But part of being a leader, and Paul talked about this in the New Testament, that the job of a pastor is not to do all the work himself or herself, but to equip other people to do the work of the ministry. So you've got to constantly be delegating responsibilities to other people. You've got to find other people that you can share jobs with other people that can do work with you or else. I've met way too many pastors and leaders that do it all themselves.

What happens when you do it all yourself personally? It's not good for you personally because you get exhausted and you get burnout. You don't have the margin in your life, and the time to think, dream, and be creative. Plus it's not good for the people in your church because God wants them doing things too. There are people that are gifted and called, and they have these gifts and talents. But if you're doing it all yourself, you're not giving them a chance. So this is a major responsibility that's easy to overlook. That is to delegate, help other people, and equip leaders. Really it's what discipleship is all about. It's discipling people and helping them grow to be more like the Lord. Which is more than just teaching them, but it's giving them responsibilities and opportunities to serve.

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Ryan Frank