What’s in Your Hand?

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This summer at camp, I spoke to the kids about Moses. I've always loved the story of Moses. I don't remember how old I was, but I remember as a child in Sunday school being captivated by the story of Moses. I mean this Hebrew boy born at a time when Pharaoh decides he wants all the Hebrew boy babies killed; he gets placed in the basket. You know the story. Providentially, that basket floats right to Pharaoh's daughter who's out in the water. Then Moses ends up being raised by his Hebrew mother while living in Pharaoh's court. And you know, the story, the part of the story I want to focus on today that I've been thinking through in my head the last several weeks, is when God finally speaks to Moses. Remember he's been out in the desert all those years, and God shows up and says, "Moses, I want you to go back to Pharaoh. I'm going to use you to let my people go."

If you remember the story, Moses starts this laundry list of excuses. "What if they don't believe me? Who am I? I can't speak. What if they ask me who you are?" I love the part of the story where God says, "Moses, what is that in your hand?" And Moses says, "it's a staff." And God tells him to throw it on the ground. He throws it on the ground, and it becomes a serpent. We know God says to grab the serpent. It turns back into a stick or a staff. The point was this. You know that although Moses had this laundry list of excuses, God told Moses that he already had what he needed. I'm enough. God says, what is that in your hand? Now let me encourage you with something today, friend. What has God put in your hand?

You have enough already to do what God has called you to do. Sometimes God gives us a big idea. He puts something big on our heart. We wake up with this dream, and we're like, who am I? What if the people don't believe me? God, I don't have what it takes, and God wants to remind you today. Look in your hand. What is it that's in your hand? What is in your hand is good enough friend. Be encouraged with this today. Whatever the task, whatever the mission, whatever the dream, with you and your God, this amazing God that you serve, you have enough. Don't be discouraged. Don't think I don't have what it takes. Don't look at the hurdles. Instead, look at the One who is all powerful. He's all knowing, and He is right by your side.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank