Guard Your Heart

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Proverbs 4:23 says to "guard your heart, because from your heart flow the issues of life." A lot of times as ministry leaders, we talk about all of these tactics, techniques, methods, and all of these ways to do what we do. But there are conversations that we don't have near enough of, and it's conversations around the heart of a leader. So I just want to encourage you this week. Go read Proverbs 4:23. Highlight it in your Bible. Print it out on a piece of paper. Write it on a sticky note. Put It on the dashboard of your car. Guard your heart, literally. If you think about what a guard does, a guard at a bank watches who comes in and who goes out. This is what you and I need to do when it comes to our heart.

We need to be very, very, very intentional about watching what comes into our heart and what goes out of our heart. It's so important, God says, because out of your heart flows the issues of life. I think I have spent a lot of time talking to leaders like yourself about all of these great shiny new ways to do ministry, how to be effective, how to recruit, how to be a team player, and how to get organized. But I probably don't do enough encouragement to you and to me about the importance of guarding our hearts, which is the most important part of leadership, the heart of a leader. So here's my challenge for you today. Proverbs 4:23, go read it. Write it down, and post it somewhere. Think about it all week long. I'm telling you what, it'll make a big difference.

I remember when I was a teenager in junior high listening to Steve Green. If you remember Steve Green, I released an album with a song, Guard your heart. I remember my youth pastor at the time playing it for us in youth group and preaching an entire sermon around this whole idea of guarding your heart. Steve Green says in the lyrics, "don't trade it for treasure. Don't give it away. Guards your heart." This is such an important reminder for us. It's an important reminder for our kids, for our families, and I hope it encourages you today.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank