Constantly Casting Vision

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Vision is something that leaders talk about a lot. If you read a leadership book or you read a leadership article or you attend a leadership conference, you're going to hear a lot of conversations around vision. Vision is a part of leadership. Leaders need to have a vision; the Bible talks about this. If you look in the Bible, in history, or even today, normally leaders that are effective have a vision. But it's more than just having a vision, right? You need to not only have the vision, you've got to be able to communicate that vision. And that's where a lot of leaders, I think fall short. They've got these great ideas. They've got this vision. They know where they want their ministry or their business to go. It's just how do they communicate it. I think pastors are really, really good at having a great vision, but lacking the ability to communicate that vision.

Amy Stanley talks about this; he calls it vision casting. You always have to be vision casting. Casting vision is not something that you do one time. It's not one Sunday a year where I have a Vision Sunday or one weekend a year. As I am always vision casting always in all ways. So I'm always vision casting. I'm finding all different kinds of ways to cast that vision. For example, as you recruit, you're casting a vision. When you recruit volunteers, when you bring those volunteers on your team, when you onboard them, you are communicating vision. When you train them, you are communicating vision. When you meet with them, you're communicating vision, when you show them appreciation, you are communicating vision. You should, all the time, be communicating the vision of your ministry. When you learn to communicate that vision over and over and over again to as many people as you can, you are going to find more people catch that vision, and they're ready to run with it, which is the whole goal. That's what we're after. I don't want to be on the one carrying the vision. I don't want you to be the only one carrying your vision. You want to have as many people as you can carrying that vision and making it happen. But for that to happen, you've got to do more than just have a vision. You've got to be willing, able, and ready to execute that vision and to share it over and over and over again.

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Ryan Frank