What Does It Mean to You?

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Joshua said, "I want you to get these stones together so that when your children ask you 'what do these stones mean to you,' you can tell them exactly what they mean to you." You know, the Bible is a special book and we can tell kids what this Bible is, but you know what our kids at home need to hear? They don't just need to hear what this book is and what it means, but what it means to me and what it means to you, right? Our kids don't just need to know that this is the church. They need to know what's the church mean to you, dad, and what's the church mean to you mom? Kids don't need to just know what ministry is, they need to know what does ministry mean to you, mom? What does ministry mean to you, dad?

Even with the Lord himself, yes, we want our kids to know who God is, but our kids need to know who God is to us. And how is God working in my life today? Here's one of the things about testimonies. Your testimony is not really just something that happened in the past, as part of your testimony. Part of your testimony is your life and when you came to Christ and what God has been doing in your life. Your testimony is also what's happening today, right? And what is God doing in my life today? And what is God teaching me today? And my testimony is what's going to happen in the next five years or 10 years if I'm alive on this earth. Our kids are watching. I'm not saying we've got this all figured out. Trust me, we don't. But we are recognizing this, that our girls are watching everything we do, right? They are listening to everything we say.

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