Make Time For Networking

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I love coffee shops like this. Not only because of the great coffee that you get at these coffee shops. There's something quintessential, if that's the right word, about a coffee shop. Where you come in, you sip on coffee, you talk to people, and you just kind of relax a little bit. This is something that's easy for us to miss out on as leaders. We just get so busy in church work; we get so busy trying to survive Sunday to Sunday to Sunday; at home we're trying to survive getting through another day and get our kids out the door. Then we've got all this stuff going on, and it really is hard sometimes to find that time just to sit back, to chill, to sip on some coffee, to meet someone, and to network.

By the way, speaking of networking, I hope that you are constantly networking. Networking is one of those secrets of effective leaders. Somebody forwarded me an article in my email a couple of weeks ago that was fascinating. They had done this research that showed that 70% of leaders that are more effective attribute their effectiveness to the fact that they are strategic networkers. They are looking for people to rub shoulders with, friends to make, acquaintances to meet, and relationships to build. What you do as a ministry leader, and what you are trying to accomplish for the kingdom is key. It Is essential that you don't go at it alone. Maybe what you need to do is do your best to carve an hour out of your week to network, and maybe it's invite somebody to join you at the coffee shop or at Starbucks or to go grab some lunch. It's more than just networking; it is strategic networking, or you might use the word intentional networking. I'm really going to go out of my way to find someone to have coffee with or someone to network with. I'm telling you, it'll make a huge, huge difference for you.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank