From a Visitor's Perspective

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In our small little town we have a department store, and I'm not going to tell you what brand department store it is, but they are notorious for horrible customer service. Like you can never find anybody if you need help. Good luck finding somebody. I will tell you they are a major hardware store retail big box outfit. And so if you need help, it's like man, you are searching, searching, searching, searching, searching for help, which is very frustrating. And then what's really in the lane is when you do find the help, it's normally like three or four of them standing together over in the side talking or back by the office talking or over to the side. You're just walking around chit chatting and it's like, what part of this don't you understand? You want my money, you want me to buy stuff here, yet you don't want to help me.

Maybe you've experienced that kind of frustration. I think we all have at different points in our lives when we shop. Perhaps it’s whenever we go to this store it's like we can just expect it. And you know, here's the thing, I wonder what visitors at your church and my church would say. Would they have a similar experience? These people want me to come to church here, but I don't know where I'm going. I don't have any help. And when you do find somebody, they're clumped in groups and they're not talking to me. I wonder what visitors at your church, and my church would say if they could write an article or if they could write a book about their experience. Would it be positive? Would it get rave reviews? Or would it be something we would be like, “ah, I'm not excited about this.” We all can use some growth and we can all afford to be challenged in this area. 

So let me encourage you this week to really take a step back and think about what are visitors in my church experiencing. Are they finding the help that they need when they need it? Do they even know where to go for help? Ask yourself those questions. It'll help you as a leader. It'll help your church, your congregation, and it will especially help those visitors.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank