Don’t Just Fix the Problem, Fix the Process

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One mistake I find leaders making more often than not is that we want to fix problems instead of fixing processes. We want to address the issues that we see instead of really going below the surface and looking at why is this happening to begin with. I think about early childhood ministry. I think of times in my ministry where I've tried to fix things. I've got a pattern of I can't keep a volunteer in this room, and so I just keep working at putting new volunteers in, new volunteers in, and new volunteers in. Or maybe there are issues that happen in the nursery department, and I just keep trying to fix it and put a bandaid on it. I try to put a bandaid on it instead of really looking at why is this happening. What are the processes that are broken?

What are the reasons as to why we can't keep a teacher in that room? What are the reasons as to why we keep having these personality conflicts in the nursery department? On and on I could go with examples. If you're going to be effective as a leader, you've got to learn not just to deal with the problems, but you've got to learn to deal with the processes. That takes time to step back and really evaluate: what are we doing? How are we doing it? Why are we doing it? What's working right? What's not working right? What do we need to stop doing? What do we need to keep doing? But when you look at those processes, although it takes more time on the front end, when you think long term, it solves a ton of problems, and it makes your life and ministry a ton easier.

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Ryan Frank