Who’s Your Timothy?

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Who are you really investing into? In other words, do you have a group of people that you are spending some time with on a regular basis? It doesn't have to be every week, maybe it's once a month. But you are really, really trying to duplicate yourself in this person or in these handful of people. Who is your Timothy? Paul had a Timothy, right? Who is your Timothy, guys? Who's your Timothy, girls? Who is your Timothy? Who is that guy or that gal or that team of people that you are investing into? We need to be investing in the next level of leaders, and it's more than just a newsletter. It's more than just an annual training event. I'm talking about investing in a small group, that I'm really giving them some time. I know that takes time, and it really does. We're all busy, so maybe it's not something that I'm doing every day or every week. Maybe it's once a month I'm meeting this group of people for coffee, and I am really answering their questions. I am teaching them, or maybe we are reading through a book together and discussing a book.

I'm really giving my most valuable asset, which is my time and energy, to those people. Andy Stanley says to do for one what you wish you could do for all. Wouldn't it be nice if you could spend quality time like that with all of your volunteers? But you can't, so just do it for one or two or three. Or maybe it's four, five, or six people that you are spending some time with and really investing in.

Your #1 fan,


Ryan Frank